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 While the EC Foundation has not "gone away", we find it most appropriate to watch from the sidelines at this moment.  As has been the case from the inception of this Foundation, we continue to promote Christian Liberal Arts secondary education.  Our present mode of operation is consistent with the desire of the Board of Directors to help promote Christian Liberal Arts schools.  We continue to be the recipient of a number of "Thank You" notes and emails for our past actions, and for these we are truly grateful.  Several of our donors continue to honor us with their financial gifts.  We promise to be good stewards as we continue to be mindful of our Mission and Vision.

Our Disclaimer

This Foundation is not authorized by any College and Seminary, and the views of the Directors of this Foundation are not necessarily those of the Administration or Board of Trustees of any school.  Please know that any gifts which we receive are directed to areas which our Directors feel will help to accomplish our Mission and Vision. 


Giving to the Foundation

We recognize that a number of alumni and friends of several schools, who have found reason to object to the current direction of the College and/or the Seminary, have suspended or decreased their financial support of those schools.  Some of these individuals have chosen to make gifts to this Foundation for which we are very grateful.  We are humbled by the continued support of many of our donors.  Some of these gifts have been restricted such that we must honor the donor’s wishes.  Other gifts are unrestricted and the Foundation Directors are able to direct those gifts to areas that help to accomplish our Mission and Vision.  As we enter this season of the year when many of us consider our year end philanthropy, please consider this 501( c )3 foundation as a possible recipent of your generosity.




EC Foundation Directors

Bill Lesesne, President

Lee Logan, Treasurer

Betty Hunt, Director

John Hunt, Secretary

Jim Gettys, Director

Joe Lesesne, Director

Robert Galloway, Director

Ann Clarke Judd, Director

Robert Cunningham, Director



Latest News:
It is with pleasure that the Foundation notes that Richard H. Haldeman ’99 (honorary) recently received the Service Award. His 34-year career began in 1961, and included teaching journalism and freshman English, editing the alumni magazine, launching several college publications, helping to plan and publicize a 125th anniversary celebration, writing and distributing countless press releases, covering sports events, and serving as student newspaper advisor.  Mr. Haldeman taught and positively influenced several of the directors of this foundation and we are very proud of this award for one of our mentors.

Gifts are Tax-Exempt

EC Foundation has received a determination letter from the IRS stating all gifts received since April 1, 2010, are tax-exempt. 


EC Foundation, Inc. exists to
support activities that further 
or complement the educational
activities and mission of
Christian Schools.

Snapshot in Numbers

Total donors:

525 Donors made 658 Gifts

as of 11/10/2013

Geographic Span:

23 states

Age span:

Class of 1930 to Class of 2009

Outstanding legal fees:

Total funds awarded directly to Christian Colleges and Seminaries:


as of 11/10/2013

Our Mission

The mission of the EC Foundation

is to provide support and

encouragement to

Christian Colleges and Schools.

Our Vision

The Vision of the directors

of the EC Foundation is to

 enable Christian Colleges to

carry out their mission.

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